Aug 27, 2011

The time of autumn storms started. Nord-Osts, and the waves cover the beach on all its wideness. We'll still have a mounth or even more of warm sea here, but this storm is the first sing of season changing.

Aug 22, 2011

A new drawing. And again - a fairy. Old and sad fairy.

Last time I draw in my jobtime, just on the backsides of job papers and document copies. Very often I feel the strong wish to take acryl and spend a weekend drawing. It's so pitty that I have no time for it now!

Aug 21, 2011

Koktebel treasures

I am in love with Koktebel seashores. Strange, mystic, magic land with its amber hills covered with blue sea patina. It's so pitty that last years it takes more efforts to ignore all those crowds of people that got used to arrive here during the season. But never the less, I love this place.

And here is My Koktebel. Grapevines, sun, amber and sea.

Metal implement, cracle glass beads, glass beads. Pacularities are below.

Aug 18, 2011

Fairy smiling

Here I am again. I am sorry for so long absence, but I had to.
The summer comes to its end, the sea is calm and warm, but the leaves on the trees already sound different. So, let's meet the cold's eve?
And here's the autumn fairy.