Feb 28, 2012

"World" means "Cat"

Just a new sketch. Have you ever talked with your cat? If you did, you talked with the World. Remember everything your cat told you - that were the World's secrets... :)

Feb 23, 2012

And some more birds. Yesterday my husband noticed tufted ducks, it's unusual for our places.

And my favorite swans, of course. The young one:

And the grew-up beauty:

Feb 13, 2012

It's so cold this winter... I can't remember the year with so long and so cold times here. -20 during a whole mounth - it's too seriuos for the Crimea! 
The town birds are so cold and hungry... every morning they come and knock to the windows and ask for a piece of bread. My hasbound and I feed them everyday, and our neighbours do. When I see the people bringing bread to the seashore, for the ducks and sparrows, - I feel that human beings are not parasites.