Feb 13, 2012

It's so cold this winter... I can't remember the year with so long and so cold times here. -20 during a whole mounth - it's too seriuos for the Crimea! 
The town birds are so cold and hungry... every morning they come and knock to the windows and ask for a piece of bread. My hasbound and I feed them everyday, and our neighbours do. When I see the people bringing bread to the seashore, for the ducks and sparrows, - I feel that human beings are not parasites.


  1. What beautiful, lovely photos. :) I hope that it warms up soon, for your sake and the birds! We've had a pretty mild winter here, and I'm not complaining! ;)

  2. Thanks Melinda! :) Now it's a little bit better here, minus 5 is quite normal, I think. But the birds are still hungry and we are going on feeding them...


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