Jan 30, 2013

My congratulations to my good friend Nadezhda! She made her web-site of the abyssinian cattery! Nadya, I wish you all the best, and I wish many happy days to your wonderful cats!

Jan 24, 2013

A few days ago I've bought some turnip in the vegetable shop. I've never tried it before, so, that was my first experiment, and I think it was successful!

I've taken some fresh mushrooms (champignons), onion, two average turnips and some seed oil. Salt and curry (my favorite flavoring).

Jan 17, 2013

A half of the winter already passed, but the "winter mode" still remaines. This scarf is about winter days on the seashore: weeds on the sand, wet wind and the smoke from the hearth. A good time for reading a good book. A good time for spring waiting...

The scarf is nearly 2 m long, 100 gr weight. 100% acrilyc.

Extra pics after the jump break: