Apr 27, 2011

Spring Blessing

The last weekend spring seemed to wake up at last. So, my daughter and I went to harvest some dandelions, - I planned to make some dandelion vinegar. 
Everything is blossoming, both trees and flowers. We found blossoming almond, plum and apricot. I think soon wild apple-trees and quince wold start too. It's so beautiful!
We harvested dandelions, and I tought Dara how to ask the plant to give its strength and power to the people, how to choose the flowers and thank Mother Earth for the gift.

The result of our outdoors looked so shiny in the new Dara's nursery!

Apr 22, 2011

Rustic soft cheese

I've done it! Rustic soft cheese - quick recipe, just for my busy time. :) Here is the shot:

It didn't take much time (40 minutes), and it appeared to be cheap enough, more than 50% cheaper than in the shop. And it tastes much more better than those in the shop! I am really satisfied with the result of my efforts. Next week I'll repeat with it. It seames to me, I have found one more really natural product for my family. :)

Apr 20, 2011

Beltaine Leaves

At last I've finished with this beads coord. :) I made it during a couple of mounths, and I couldn't understand what kind of furniture would complete this bijouterie. And suddenly I've understood what I needed: Czech glass beads! So, here it is. :)
It has several variants to wear.

Apr 19, 2011


My mammillaria awaked early this year. It surprised me a little bit, but I am so glad to see its small bright flowers! It looks like the plant put some kind of diadem around its scratchy head.

Springtime on the seashore

I'm really in love with these mountains and sea. Spring awoke at least, and I'm waiting for weekend, when I'll be able to visit my favorite places...

Apr 18, 2011

Brynza with greens

Springtime for me is also the season of "quick recipes". Inspired with this post, I've made brynza with chopped onions and garlic sprouts. We like this mix for sandwiches. So, that was my breakfast today:

And here is the recipe: 

Apr 13, 2011

A Lonely Owl Amidst the Leaves



This long-lasting, cold spring awaked my reminiscences of November. That was the time I visited orchids exchibition in Nikita botanical garden, and I was really charmed with these flowers. Here they are. Just some of them.