Apr 22, 2011

Rustic soft cheese

I've done it! Rustic soft cheese - quick recipe, just for my busy time. :) Here is the shot:

It didn't take much time (40 minutes), and it appeared to be cheap enough, more than 50% cheaper than in the shop. And it tastes much more better than those in the shop! I am really satisfied with the result of my efforts. Next week I'll repeat with it. It seames to me, I have found one more really natural product for my family. :)


  1. This looks like it would be a nice addition to a Bealtaine feast! :) If you don't mind sharing your recipe, I would love to give it a try.

  2. Oh, of course I can share the recipe!

    So, you'll need:

    1). 1 l of sour milk or 1 l of home kefir (I make kefir at home using kefir fungus, so I prefer kefir, but sour milk gives similar results).
    2). 2 l of fresh milk. Not sterilized! It's better to take fresh, natural milk.
    3). 1 full tablespoon of salt. I use more, but I like when the cheese is more salt.
    4). 4 raw eggs.

    Mix the sour milk (or kefir) with the salt and eggs. Separately boil 2 l of fresh milk and immediately add sour milk & eggs mixture. Boil on slow fire during 20 minutes, then lay the mass into a sieve, covered with 4 layers of cheesecloth (or gauze, I am not sure in the propelly translation). When finished, cover all the mass with the cheesecloth dangling ends, and put a pressure (I use a small plate and a plastic boutle with the water). Don't forget, that the cheese would extract the serum - put all the construction so, that the serum would not spoil your table and would not flood the cheese! In 4 hours take the pressure off and put your cheese into the frig. When it becomes cool, take off the sheesecloth, and your soft cheese is ready.

    I'll be happy to know if you succeeded with the recipe. If you have any questions - feel free to ask me. If necessary, in a couple of days I can make a master-class with photos and publish it in my blog.

    Blessed be!


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