Apr 18, 2011

Brynza with greens

Springtime for me is also the season of "quick recipes". Inspired with this post, I've made brynza with chopped onions and garlic sprouts. We like this mix for sandwiches. So, that was my breakfast today:

And here is the recipe: 

You'll need some brynza (or feta cheese), chopped onions, garlic sprouts and spice mix as you like. Today I took ground mix of dried paprika, dried tomato, black and red pepper and coriander seeds. Also you'll need your blender and a couple of minutes. :) 

Cut some brynza, cut the greens and put it into the blender cup.

Chop the mix, get it out of blender cup and add spices. Mix well. Prepare some bread. And - here's your breakfast! :)

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