May 25, 2011

Belorussian holodnik

The summer promisses to be hot again. So, I began to remind the "summer recipes". Spain gazpacho, russian okroshka, indian raita... I used all of them. And not long ago I tried something new. It's belorussian holodnik.

Take 0.5 kg of boiled beets, 0.5 kg of fresh cucumbers, 5-6 sprouts of green onion and 1 l of savory yogurt (or kefir - it's original for belorussian recipe). 
Grate the beets and cucumbers, add cold yogurt and sliced onion, add some salt and ground black pepper. Mix well.
I also added some soy sauce - I like it with kefir.
Bon appetite! :)

PS And what "summer recipes" do you use?


  1. oh yum!
    I am such a spontaneous chef. I buy what looks good, then I look at what I have starting with the main item, scan what else i have and an idea comes to life....

  2. Tammie Lee, I often cook in the same manner! My husband calls this "recipes" "What we've found in the frig". :)))

    But the recipe of the holodnik is true and I didn't change it, except adding soy sauce. :)


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