Jun 5, 2012

Just a "quick" oriental soup

Another soup of the series "We played Korean and Chinese computer games, and then we decided to have a look at what was left in the fridge."

 300 grams of chicken hearts, an average piece of ginger root, a large piece of daikon, dried muer mushrooms, soy sauce, salt, sugar.

Soak the mushrooms in cold water for four hours. Chicken hearts wash well and cut into thin slices, put into boiling water. Chop ginger finely, add to the pan. Add the mushrooms, and, twenty minutes laterpeeled and chopped daikon. Add soy sauce, if needed - a little salt and a third of a teaspoon of sugar - set off the taste of soy. Simmer until daikon cooked.

In fact, the soup is not for the season - it's a "winter" recipe. Anyway, I like it. :)

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