Oct 16, 2012

Every autumn I visit Stary Krym, a small town near Feodosia. There is an armenian monastery not far from the town, called Surb-Hach (Holy Cross). It's situated in natural bowl, in the wood. I love this place, it's so quiet and calm. 

The monastery was found in the XIV-th century. The church remained from that old times. Near it there is and old apple tree. Autumn gave it a good harvest...

There is a bread shop near the monastery. This woman bakes bread with honey and saffron, its fantastically tasety!

This year I didn't take the shot of  Surb-Hach Holy Spring, so, have a look at the stairway to it... Great place, I really love it.


  1. this does look like a wonderful place to visit and enjoy. thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Tammie Lee, you are wellcome! :) These places are really nice for travelling and resting. )

  3. Such a lovely place to visit! :)
    I see you've got the colors of the Autumn too :)

    And some lovely cats further below here.. :)

    About the apple cider.. I just pull a little cider and then fill the glass with water.. I had to go and check it out ;) 2-3 tablespoon in a large glass of water.

    1. Yes, the Autumn is already here, now we are checking for Samhain :)

      Thank you for explanation about hthe apple cider! I do the same way... did a year ago. Now I am going to start it again. :)

      Have a good time!


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