Oct 29, 2012

Today morning I've bought something like this:


Pumpkin is sweet like honey. It was written so, rough and large, on a gray cardboard with the green marker. Here the market sellers like those ads. I tried the pumpkin, and it appered really sweet! I also added some apples and a lemon to my basket. The evening salad would be like that:

Grate the raw pumpkin and peeled apples, add the lemon juice and liquid acacia honey. Prescription advices to add nuts, but I don't want. That would be for the
dessert, and before I plan to fry squash pancakes with dill and sour cream.

Blessed Samhain! :) This year it looks so correct and textbook here. With a low-flying wet clouds, that seemes to  hide
the Heaven Cavalcade from the prying eyes. With yet kindly, but already piercing wind, which rides the red and yellow leaves in the streets. With the autumn cats on the benches and the smell of ripe grapes near my window. Well, with the full moon, of course.


  1. So nice photo.
    Looks so good.

    1. Oh, it's not a photo, it's some kind of collage. :) I am studying GIMP now, it's a free pict editor.
      Thank you Hilda!
      Have a nice day!

  2. ummm yum, healthy things to buy and eat!

  3. Lovely vegetables and so healthy! :) I think and think.. have I ever tasted pumpkins? I doubt it.. oh, if they taste like honey, I must try to taste it one day! :)

    1. It's the second year I taste raw pumpkin. Before I always boiled it. Well, I can say it's really tasety, but the pumpkin must be sweet, or the dish would be spoiled!


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