Jun 26, 2012

Do you like Mozzarella as I do? :)))
Just a week ago I've found a very good internet shop solding excellent cheese starter! So, I tried to cook _my_ mozzarella:

One package of the starter, 4 l of fresh natural milk... and nothing more! :)))

First I dissolve the cheese starter in 15 ml of fresh filtered water. Then - heat up the milk to 40 degrees C and dissolve the sarter in the milk.

In 40 minutes the milk curl up in a bunch. I carefully cut it into pieces.

Now it's high time to ridd of the serum.  I put the bunch into the colander covered with 2 layers of cheesecloth and let the serum flow down. By the way, this serum is very suitable for the hash!

After the serum flow down, I boil some water and put the bunch into the boiling water. 7 minutes, no longer! 

So, it's almost ready now. I take the cheesecloth with the bunch out of the boilong water and prepare the cold water with salt - the final stage. I make pieces of the bunch and put them into the salt water. In 2 hours the mozzarella is ready!


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