Jun 15, 2012

Mangup-Kale (part 2)

I was bewitched with this stone wall, that suddenly appeared among the trees.

As I could read on the nameplate, this defending wall was built appriximately in 1503. Later, in the last quater of 1500, it was reconstructed, so, now one can see two layers of masonry.
Having passed the first  line of the defend fortifications, I saw the Karaites cemetry. It occupies the space between the first and the second lines of the fortifications. 

 "Horned" karaite headstones are well-recognized. Some of the tombs are five centuries old, but embossed inscriptions on the stones are still well seen.

Up the trail the cemetry ends, and here there is a spring of fresh and very tasety water. This spring is calles "Women' Spring". Up on the plateau there is an other one - "Men' Spring".

Near the Women' Spring there is a very picturesque grotto.

I've noticed an arum flower near the spring.

Having rest near the spring, I proceeded my way to the plateau. The second defending wall, and, at last, the wood ends and I am on the plateau!

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